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Thursday, July 17th, 2003

Time:11:14 pm.
Mood: thankful.
dear friends,

you are all so wonderful
and sweet
and funny
without you i dont know where id be
you guys are my strength
i appreciate all the advice
and reassuring words
and hugs
and tissues
and cookies
and offers for ice cream on you
please know that im here for all of you


p.s. ian, the world wont end, i promise=)& jess i thought this was the cutest thing when you imed ian, so i took it:)
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Friday, March 7th, 2003

Subject:it is spring break biatchhhh!!!!
Time:12:03 pm.
Mood: chipper.
soooo what have i been up to you ask? (or dont ask because you dont really care..or know that ive been doing nothing like always) wellll, so i was saying, since my birthday ive been feeling really stressed and depressed. school has been a bitch, and its mostly my fault for putting stuff off. im not doing as well as i usually do, but that could be due to the fact that i have no desire to get any work or studying done ahead of time. i have a C in my bisci class..thats gonna kill my gpa..eh, it happens. i dont really know how a C is possible when the only grades we've gotten were the two tests that i got B's on. kinda sucks, but i should just get used to not being able to get A's without doing any work. from what ive heard,UP is alot harder than shitty PSAC..hah. i just did my speech about an hour ago. ive been really stressed out about it because i get so nervous. the weird thing was..i was really nervous at the beginning..and then all of the sudden i just got unervous. i went over the time limit..by 3mins..i couldnt stop talking..yea, i know what you are thinking..big surprise tracie wouldn't shut the hell up.. well, you're right. my outline slipped off the table when i was demonstrating wrapping techniques(yea shutup).i had to bend over to pick it up in the middle of my speech..and everyone laughed, including the teacher. im a dork, but at least it was entertaining. my art class is stressful, but im starting to talk to more than just the 3 girls i sit with. people are so amazingly artistic..it makes me so jealous and i only wish that i could be as good as them someday.
my birthday was kinda sad and depressing..not because of my friends and family. im so thankful for you guys all trying to make my birthday really awesome, i just always get sad around my birthday. and once again, brandon pulled another philly surprise..to see THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS..alkjslkjd. we got lost on the way..but good ole andeeee saved the day. the show was really good, and the theatre of living arts was cool inside.homegrown rocked, riddlin kids(or men) were aight. ask brandon about long john silvers if he hasn't already told you already..just another classic retard tracie moment.. we left wednesday at 3pm and got back..thursday at 4:30am..so getting up for class the rest of the week was pretty hard, but welllll worth it:)
wednesday night i went to the crowbar with andy, brandon, and wysong to see CKY..interesting. it was actually pretty entertaining even if the music wasn't really what im into. the whole way down i kept asking "am i going to get my face kicked in?"..and of course i was reassured that i wouldnt. um okay you effn liars..those pits were the scariest ive seen( i watched, clinging to the beer covered wall getting bottles chucked at my head)..like i said..interesting.
last but not least..we finally got our nfg and gc tickets *pees in excitement* 57 days and counting..

so here i am. spring break, after saturday i dont work again until thursday..so if anyone wants to hangout, do a road trip, see a movie..PLEASE CALL ME:) thank you for your time.
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Sunday, February 23rd, 2003

Time:2:15 am.
its mah birfday.awesome. wonderful. great. fabulous.
i love birthdays.
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Friday, February 21st, 2003

Time:10:25 pm.
Mood:i suck. feel bad for me..
i love how im such a loser even my own mother doesn't want to hangout with me..yea..im THAT cool.
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Thursday, February 6th, 2003

Subject:why worry, i wonder all the time..why worry..
Time:11:56 pm.
so this week has been really..eventful..yea, thats a good word for it. some really bad..which im not going to whine about, so ill just go on about how awesomely fun my life is.
after spending time with jen and her family during this horribly sad sad time, dealing with my own typical shitty life, and just barely getting through school im ready for the weekend. i do have to say that last night was a high point.. nothin like some good ole karaoke on a thursday night at one of altoona's high class bars. at first jen and i were a little shy and didnt want to make the other people at this fine establishment feel that their singing skills were nothing compared to ours, but after our warm-up with a shania twain cover we were ready for anything. our performance also included hooked on a feeling,december 1963(o what a night), and our best performance that night..love shack with brandons older, and very drunk brother cory. we just rocked the place...what can i saaayy..
today also had some enjoyable moments.. like how my art teacher saw the new copy of spin with chris carebearbababaa on it and said,
"this carrabba guy..what a hunk. guys, take notes, THAT is what college chicks want..!" alright so maybe you had to be there..or know how cool chris(my art teacher) is, i dunno. then i heard this other kid say "god, i cant stand emo kids" just as this group of messenger bag carrying, dark framed glass wearing kids walked past. oh how i love PSAC.
and we cant forget going to see the groundhog with ian, laura and ian's mom..i think ian wants to post some fun pictures..awww come onn.. you know you want to..

*i guess when it comes down to it..being grow nup isn't half as fun as growing up. these are the best days of our lives. the only thing that matters is just following your heart, and eventually you'll finally get it right*

hopefully ill get it right.
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Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

Time:12:07 pm.
Mood: amused.
for my art class i have to think of things from my past that make me nostalgic..saved by the bell was, and always will be,
the b e s t s h o w EVERRRRRRRRR!!

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

and i watched hey dude religiously..

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?

brought to you by Quizilla
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Sunday, January 19th, 2003

Subject:check dis shit
Time:9:29 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
thanks to beth i updated my journal layout a tad :)

im not quite sure about the color scheme just yet but i can only sit here and play withhtml color for so long before i start to feel like a zombie and my computer is taking over my brain. uh huh, yep.
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Subject:look what i can do
Time:11:40 am.
Mood: cheerful.
please speak s L o W l Y

my heart is learning

teach me heartache

stop this burning now

i didnt realize making the words cute was this easy.

o yea, i really like this song.
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Friday, January 17th, 2003

Time:11:25 am.
economy 004 makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a clicky pencil.

i despise waking up earlier than i already have to in order to clean off my car. warm weather is only..4 months away.

feel better emily.

miss you andeeee. dennys just isnt the same.

good job last night wack :) you rocked AAHS..just dont forget about us little people..


JENNNNNN apartment shopping monday. we WILL do this.

bbh makes me want to bang my head off of the cement. please,weirdo mind-reading dr. of bullshit, dont tell me that asthma is psychosematic, you ARE TO born with it, asshole.

my art class is the only thing i like this semester..but no one talks to me..except the teacher. im cool.
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Monday, January 13th, 2003

Time:10:42 am.
today when i came home from my first two classes, i asked my dad if there was anything to eat for lunch in the fridge..

and guessssssss what there was..

H Y A M. thats right, my mom made H Y A M for dinner yesterday and i missed it.

and we can't forget..
happy birffffday emily:)
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Thursday, December 26th, 2002

Subject:MUST BE A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!
Time:11:51 pm.
Mood: cold.
dear lord I PASSED MY PRAXIS TESTS which= i will get into my major and haven't wasted my life for the past two years!!!!!i've been so stressed about this and i cant even explain how happy this makes me..

..amen brothas and sistas..

oh yes. christmas was nice. didnt get my new hoodie or jeans, but i did pretty well. i got a nice down matress and pillows, quite comfy. some money, two sweaters, a shirt, bras and underwear, new phone, alarm clock, and sparkled bath towels(for school next year), a gift certificate to the tanning bed, boyds bears that i collect, cute pic of my cousin and i, A SLED!!! and other stuff i cant think of right now. andddd i still have a few presents that i didnt get yet:) so thanks!
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Wednesday, December 18th, 2002

Subject:amazing..that just sums it up..
Time:10:20 am.
Mood: thankful.
alright, i know you people were waiting for this..even losing sleep maybe. im not going to recount EVERY little detail of probably the best surprise of my life, because most likely most of you have heard me tell the story or read it in detail in brandons journal..

so about a month ago brandon asks me to go shopping in lancaster/ philly which, to me, is like heaven sent. so we go to king of prussia(freakin awesomly, amazing mall) and i bought some christmas presents..for uhmm..some people that we wont mention. for about 3 and a half hours we wonder around the mall. finally we leave around 5:30, and brandon goes the opposite direction of home. i kinda think its funny but at the same time i wasnt even prepared for what was about to go down. so we get lost and jen calls, but isnt home to get us directions. so we get off at some exit, and proceed to go into the scariest place i've been EVER. i always joke about the ghettos of altoona, but this part of philadelphia was the real thing. and no jen, it wasnt like national lampoon vacation where they spray paint and steal stuff off the car as we drive through, but i wouldnt have been surprised if it did happen. no joke. anyways, we call our good pal andy cosnotti to get us, to what i thought was home, but really to the first union center. so we're driving past philly and it was so amazing looking at night, and of course, being the retarded person i am, im oblivious to the fact that we're going to the concert that Y100 was broadcasting from. so brandon gets off the exit and throws two tickets at me..at first im like, wow, we're going to see coldplay. but then hes like..we just cant miss new found glory, so hurry up. OKAY SO AT THIS POINT I PISS MYSELF. not really, but i couldnt like even comprehend the amazingness of this...THEN i found out good charlotte is there too. holy fuck, i start to get all teay eyed, can hardly talk, call my mom half crying. she thought i was in the hospital or something because i start off by sobbing out..GUESS WHERE I AMMM. so i tell her whats going on..she laughs..and we run into the place. and im still in shock.. i dont think ive ever felt that wonderful in my life..i dont know that i can even describe how i felt..

i know i said i wouldn't go through the whole thing, but something this awesome doesnt happen often to me..so, sorry..

so we go in, and queens of the stone age were already playing. i've only heard one of their songs, but they were pretty cool. THEN NEW FOUND GLORY comes out. the crowd was so calm and we were able to get pretty close, as close as ive ever been. SERIOUSLY, i had chills. they sounded really great and i dont even know how to put into words what it was like. if i never saw them in concert again i think i would still happy because of how awesome it was.. zwan was next up. see.. i didnt realize that when people said it was "billy corgan's band" that he was actually in it. i thought maybe he got them signed or something. yea, im dumb..what can i say? so when he comes out in his grandpa sweater, in his bald headed glory i was sorta taken back. they played for a long time..with pretty much everyone in the arena floored by how amazing they sounded. next in the lineup was gc:) once again, it was FREAKIN AWESOME. they closed their set with lifestyles of the rich and the famous..big surprise.. the little girls went insane..moshing, crowd surfng..yea, whatever. coldplay was last and closed the show. i only knew a few coldplay songs, but they are one of those bands that once you see them live, thats all it takes to make you want to buy every cd they have out.

the drive home was lonnnggg and sorda scary, but well worth it. and again, thank you brandon for the best surprise of my life. if i got nothing else for christmas i would still be the happiest person ever..

so..the rest of the week. ha..well, i had a final this morning. i kinda neglected studying for it and watched the dashboard confessional unplugged dvd that came out yesterday with andy and brandon. i probably should have studied more than i did because it was rough, but its over now and thats all that counts, right? i still have to finish my 5 page paper for lit(its halfway done) and study for the final on thursday. after that..im home free. for the most part my presents are bought and wrapped, but i still have feeewww more things to buy.

welllll there ya go..my week...
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Thursday, December 5th, 2002

Subject:this is gonna be my greatest day
Time:10:51 am.
Mood: cheerful.
okay so not really. the fact that i don't have student teaching orrr class tonight kicks. and holy shit..it just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing..

i had so much fun last night. jen and i went to the mall and walmart to cause some trouble. everyone at the mall stared at us..maybe it was the sweatpants..or the fact that neither of us showered in two days and looked like street people. who knows. then finding parking at walmart was unreal. jen: "damn handicapped pricks" okay thats really mean but for some reason we found it hilarious last night. so in the toy aisle we found some jedi light savers. of course, as this poor unsuspecting 12yrold and his little brother walk past, jen decides she is going to play star wars with this little boy. i think he wanted to cry..especially after she smacked him in the ass with it...i thought it was funny, and so did the little brother..hopefully he didn't tell his mom heh.

so today i really, SERIOUSLY wanna play in the snow. yep. so people get out your snow suits and mittens and boots..
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Tuesday, November 26th, 2002

Subject:like, seriously.
Time:9:59 pm.
Mood: mellow.
so saves the day got alot better since this summer. i was kinda preparing myself for them to not be real awesome, but it ended up being really amazing. and yea, his dancing is retarded(even with a guitar) but it was kinda cute in a geeky way. ash was freakin amazing. any band with a chick guitar player is cool in my book. yea but jess almost died, okay not really. but her and i agreed that almost falling, or falling in jess' case was the scariest thing we've been through next to car accidents. i panicked when jess fell and she was screaming and everyone around us couldnt even move, so she was just getting stepped on.brandon saved the day(get it?..hah, yea shut up. its funny. and in the mean time beth was kickin some drunken-vomit smelling meathead's ass. you rock=) the night ended up being pretty awesome once beth, jess, tina and i made our way up to the bar. we had a perfect view and it was nice to be around calm, unsweaty people who just wanna sing along and not kill each other. im a puss, what can i say? i was so tired and ended up only getting to sleep from 3am-6am when i had to get up for student teaching. there were points in the day when i seriously think i was sleeping sitting up in the back of the room. needless to say i came home and crashed from about 4-7:30 on my couch. so then i look out the window, and holy shit, it snowed..like alot. snow is pretty and all..and the thought of playing in the snow tomorrow after school makes me happy, but i really wanted to hangout tonight and i dont know how cool the parentals will be with me driving in it. o yea, my car is back, $116 later. so im pretty sure everything that could be broken has been fixed..except the breaks, just great..i give it 3 weeks. in those 3 weeks i'll be waiting patiently to find out my praxis results. i know i whine about this alot, but if i dont pass i need to either find a new major, or transfer schools. the thought of the day the scores come in the mail makes me wanna puke or cry or do both..god. thanksgiving is sooo soo soon. im so excited to see my family. i know, how gay, but i havent spent time with my extended family(which is really small) in a long time. i dont want anyone to ask me about school, because ill probably have a nervous breakdown..esp now that my volunteer hours are almost done, the papers are signed, i have all of my required credits..ahhhhh. so anyways, turkey dinner and movies with my little cousin can brighten any bad week. the new osbourne season is on real soon, so ill write more in a little bit..

o yea. im thinking sledriding and playing in the snow tomorrow..anyone gamed(hoebag i know you are)..?
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Saturday, November 16th, 2002

Time:11:44 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
so tonight i could have done cool stuff, but instead, i decided i should stay home and do important things like update my poor neglected journal, and sit online. yea..at least my priorities are straight..

so i started volunteering at irving with kindergartners they're the cutest things ever, and i hope i can get a job teaching in kindergarten when i graduate. they need help with everything..in one day i cant tell you how many shoes i tie or jackets i zipper. i never realized how little a 5yrold really is, and how much they dont know about things. i think i like them so much because of their innocence. all i know is that thursdays are the highlight of my week. tuesdays i go to junior high. yay. i forgot how annoying you can be at that age. the teacher is pretty nice..hes cute..at least he has that going for him. this other weird hippie kid is doing his ci495(im doing 295) so hes like a history major and real into secondary age kids. i dont know how he's ever going to be a teacher. i swear hes burnt out on one too many drugs. i've only gone once, so hopefully it will get better. i duhno though..we will seeee..

the end of this semester is coming fast. like usual, everything starts to pile up around this time..papers, exams, final projects and what not. i think im going to make deans this semester..i hope. i only have 3 finals..and none are comprehensive so thats a good thing.

saves the day is kinda soon. and no, we dont have tickets yet. brandon thinks its really funny to tell me its canceled at 1 am when im half asleep. real cool dork..heh so guys we need to get our asses down to state college..like..uh, next week?

jen and i are going to start to look for housing for school next year. the thought of finally moving away and having a life of my own is exciting, but it also scares the shit out of me. its what i need, that im sure of. its weird thinking about how i wanted to move there so bad when my sister was in college and had her own apartment. it always seemed so far away, but now its here. im old. almost 20 years old..how depressing is that?

i really should start christmas shopping soon, but instead im going shopping with greg tomorrow..to buy things for myself. how selfish, i know. if i even knew what to get people i think i would start. so if you have any ideas of what you want, tell me and maybe you'll be lucky.

see this is exactly why i dont update. pointless rambling that everyone hears from me on a daily basis anyways. sorry.

goodnight world.
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Saturday, November 2nd, 2002

Time:9:45 am.
Mood: awake.
i woke up at 8:46 this morning, and cant fall back asleep. i am supposed to work 1-10or11 but last night jamie asked if i might want the day off, and that i had to call at 11. im not even getting my hopes up, though..most likely i'll work...and it will suck..and ill be pissy all day. well then, that about sums up my day..
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Friday, November 1st, 2002

Time:2:07 pm.
Mood: chipper.
allright so im almost a week late in updating..sorry to keep everyone in suspense. so new found glory was fucking awesome regardless of what anyone..*cough, cough*(brandoooonnnnn) says. something corporate was alright, i like them and i dont care what anyone says. finch also was amazing, as i was told they would be. i really wished we wouldnt have missed most of the furthur seems forever set, but we were still standing in the line that wrapped around the back of the building. OOhh Ohh, speaking of standing in line..as we were waiting i saw this kid and i said i thought it looked like ian(bass player for nfg). andy agreed but i didnt really think anything of it. when we were close to the door i saw him going in..with his huge ass pass on..i was right! if only i wasnt such a puss i coulda met him...eh, oh well. it was just crazy bc no one else around us even noticed it was him? i have some nice bruises on my arm from the roughness..if only you coulda seen jess and i ..pushin the annoying people with annoying hair and purses. pshh, thats right..we're tough:) the show was a perfect ending to a sucky week and i kinda wish everyday could be as fun as it was.
so now another week down the drain..i think i failed my geography test that i studied all night for. turns out everything on the study guide(including all 84 vocab words) were NOT on the test. from the people i talked to after, most everyone thought they did pretty bad so it should be curved. i got 9/10 on the bonus map thingy so that should help me out a little..
i work all weekend..big effn surprise..so if anyone wants to hangout after 10 or 11, give me a ring on da cellllllyy
ps..i miss you hoebag and iandawg..and em(im sure we'll be slavin' it together tho
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Sunday, October 27th, 2002

Subject:aaaaah a;lkpoirolf;
Time:12:59 am.
Mood: excited.
nfg=today(sorda)... 'nuf said about that, uhuhmmm, yep!
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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002

Time:11:59 pm.
"..its just not that hard to be a lazy asshole.." (insert arm dance)

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Subject:hAnGiN' tOuGh...
Time:11:36 pm.
Mood: bored.
new icon. it rocks, thankyou, thankyou. and yes thats me, not a little boy. just to clarify.

i have come to the conclusion that this break i did shit. i mean, dont get me wrong, i had a really funtime and went to iup and jess' dorm...
its just not that hard to be a lazy asshole. thas right.
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