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so tonight i could have done cool stuff, but instead, i decided i should stay home and do important things like update my poor neglected journal, and sit online. yea..at least my priorities are straight..

so i started volunteering at irving with kindergartners they're the cutest things ever, and i hope i can get a job teaching in kindergarten when i graduate. they need help with everything..in one day i cant tell you how many shoes i tie or jackets i zipper. i never realized how little a 5yrold really is, and how much they dont know about things. i think i like them so much because of their innocence. all i know is that thursdays are the highlight of my week. tuesdays i go to junior high. yay. i forgot how annoying you can be at that age. the teacher is pretty nice..hes cute..at least he has that going for him. this other weird hippie kid is doing his ci495(im doing 295) so hes like a history major and real into secondary age kids. i dont know how he's ever going to be a teacher. i swear hes burnt out on one too many drugs. i've only gone once, so hopefully it will get better. i duhno though..we will seeee..

the end of this semester is coming fast. like usual, everything starts to pile up around this time..papers, exams, final projects and what not. i think im going to make deans this semester..i hope. i only have 3 finals..and none are comprehensive so thats a good thing.

saves the day is kinda soon. and no, we dont have tickets yet. brandon thinks its really funny to tell me its canceled at 1 am when im half asleep. real cool dork..heh so guys we need to get our asses down to state college..like..uh, next week?

jen and i are going to start to look for housing for school next year. the thought of finally moving away and having a life of my own is exciting, but it also scares the shit out of me. its what i need, that im sure of. its weird thinking about how i wanted to move there so bad when my sister was in college and had her own apartment. it always seemed so far away, but now its here. im old. almost 20 years old..how depressing is that?

i really should start christmas shopping soon, but instead im going shopping with greg tomorrow..to buy things for myself. how selfish, i know. if i even knew what to get people i think i would start. so if you have any ideas of what you want, tell me and maybe you'll be lucky.

see this is exactly why i dont update. pointless rambling that everyone hears from me on a daily basis anyways. sorry.

goodnight world.
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