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like, seriously.

so saves the day got alot better since this summer. i was kinda preparing myself for them to not be real awesome, but it ended up being really amazing. and yea, his dancing is retarded(even with a guitar) but it was kinda cute in a geeky way. ash was freakin amazing. any band with a chick guitar player is cool in my book. yea but jess almost died, okay not really. but her and i agreed that almost falling, or falling in jess' case was the scariest thing we've been through next to car accidents. i panicked when jess fell and she was screaming and everyone around us couldnt even move, so she was just getting stepped on.brandon saved the day(get it?..hah, yea shut up. its funny. and in the mean time beth was kickin some drunken-vomit smelling meathead's ass. you rock=) the night ended up being pretty awesome once beth, jess, tina and i made our way up to the bar. we had a perfect view and it was nice to be around calm, unsweaty people who just wanna sing along and not kill each other. im a puss, what can i say? i was so tired and ended up only getting to sleep from 3am-6am when i had to get up for student teaching. there were points in the day when i seriously think i was sleeping sitting up in the back of the room. needless to say i came home and crashed from about 4-7:30 on my couch. so then i look out the window, and holy shit, it snowed..like alot. snow is pretty and all..and the thought of playing in the snow tomorrow after school makes me happy, but i really wanted to hangout tonight and i dont know how cool the parentals will be with me driving in it. o yea, my car is back, $116 later. so im pretty sure everything that could be broken has been fixed..except the breaks, just great..i give it 3 weeks. in those 3 weeks i'll be waiting patiently to find out my praxis results. i know i whine about this alot, but if i dont pass i need to either find a new major, or transfer schools. the thought of the day the scores come in the mail makes me wanna puke or cry or do both..god. thanksgiving is sooo soo soon. im so excited to see my family. i know, how gay, but i havent spent time with my extended family(which is really small) in a long time. i dont want anyone to ask me about school, because ill probably have a nervous breakdown..esp now that my volunteer hours are almost done, the papers are signed, i have all of my required credits..ahhhhh. so anyways, turkey dinner and movies with my little cousin can brighten any bad week. the new osbourne season is on real soon, so ill write more in a little bit..

o yea. im thinking sledriding and playing in the snow tomorrow..anyone gamed(hoebag i know you are)..?
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