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this is gonna be my greatest day

okay so not really. the fact that i don't have student teaching orrr class tonight kicks. and holy shit..it just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing..

i had so much fun last night. jen and i went to the mall and walmart to cause some trouble. everyone at the mall stared at us..maybe it was the sweatpants..or the fact that neither of us showered in two days and looked like street people. who knows. then finding parking at walmart was unreal. jen: "damn handicapped pricks" okay thats really mean but for some reason we found it hilarious last night. so in the toy aisle we found some jedi light savers. of course, as this poor unsuspecting 12yrold and his little brother walk past, jen decides she is going to play star wars with this little boy. i think he wanted to cry..especially after she smacked him in the ass with it...i thought it was funny, and so did the little brother..hopefully he didn't tell his mom heh.

so today i really, SERIOUSLY wanna play in the snow. yep. so people get out your snow suits and mittens and boots..
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