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amazing..that just sums it up..

alright, i know you people were waiting for this..even losing sleep maybe. im not going to recount EVERY little detail of probably the best surprise of my life, because most likely most of you have heard me tell the story or read it in detail in brandons journal..

so about a month ago brandon asks me to go shopping in lancaster/ philly which, to me, is like heaven sent. so we go to king of prussia(freakin awesomly, amazing mall) and i bought some christmas presents..for uhmm..some people that we wont mention. for about 3 and a half hours we wonder around the mall. finally we leave around 5:30, and brandon goes the opposite direction of home. i kinda think its funny but at the same time i wasnt even prepared for what was about to go down. so we get lost and jen calls, but isnt home to get us directions. so we get off at some exit, and proceed to go into the scariest place i've been EVER. i always joke about the ghettos of altoona, but this part of philadelphia was the real thing. and no jen, it wasnt like national lampoon vacation where they spray paint and steal stuff off the car as we drive through, but i wouldnt have been surprised if it did happen. no joke. anyways, we call our good pal andy cosnotti to get us, to what i thought was home, but really to the first union center. so we're driving past philly and it was so amazing looking at night, and of course, being the retarded person i am, im oblivious to the fact that we're going to the concert that Y100 was broadcasting from. so brandon gets off the exit and throws two tickets at me..at first im like, wow, we're going to see coldplay. but then hes like..we just cant miss new found glory, so hurry up. OKAY SO AT THIS POINT I PISS MYSELF. not really, but i couldnt like even comprehend the amazingness of this...THEN i found out good charlotte is there too. holy fuck, i start to get all teay eyed, can hardly talk, call my mom half crying. she thought i was in the hospital or something because i start off by sobbing out..GUESS WHERE I AMMM. so i tell her whats going on..she laughs..and we run into the place. and im still in shock.. i dont think ive ever felt that wonderful in my life..i dont know that i can even describe how i felt..

i know i said i wouldn't go through the whole thing, but something this awesome doesnt happen often to me..so, sorry..

so we go in, and queens of the stone age were already playing. i've only heard one of their songs, but they were pretty cool. THEN NEW FOUND GLORY comes out. the crowd was so calm and we were able to get pretty close, as close as ive ever been. SERIOUSLY, i had chills. they sounded really great and i dont even know how to put into words what it was like. if i never saw them in concert again i think i would still happy because of how awesome it was.. zwan was next up. see.. i didnt realize that when people said it was "billy corgan's band" that he was actually in it. i thought maybe he got them signed or something. yea, im dumb..what can i say? so when he comes out in his grandpa sweater, in his bald headed glory i was sorta taken back. they played for a long time..with pretty much everyone in the arena floored by how amazing they sounded. next in the lineup was gc:) once again, it was FREAKIN AWESOME. they closed their set with lifestyles of the rich and the famous..big surprise.. the little girls went insane..moshing, crowd surfng..yea, whatever. coldplay was last and closed the show. i only knew a few coldplay songs, but they are one of those bands that once you see them live, thats all it takes to make you want to buy every cd they have out.

the drive home was lonnnggg and sorda scary, but well worth it. and again, thank you brandon for the best surprise of my life. if i got nothing else for christmas i would still be the happiest person ever..

so..the rest of the week. ha..well, i had a final this morning. i kinda neglected studying for it and watched the dashboard confessional unplugged dvd that came out yesterday with andy and brandon. i probably should have studied more than i did because it was rough, but its over now and thats all that counts, right? i still have to finish my 5 page paper for lit(its halfway done) and study for the final on thursday. after that..im home free. for the most part my presents are bought and wrapped, but i still have feeewww more things to buy.

welllll there ya go..my week...
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