t R a C i E* (traybabe) wrote,
t R a C i E*


today when i came home from my first two classes, i asked my dad if there was anything to eat for lunch in the fridge..

and guessssssss what there was..

H Y A M. thats right, my mom made H Y A M for dinner yesterday and i missed it.

and we can't forget..
happy birffffday emily:)
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haha, h a y a m soooup? with i-an?? haha
im gonna go put my peants on. then go to the store and buy some heaam....
hhhyam hhhyam hhhhhhyam

i think we should all order moons over my HhHHHhyyyammmy tonight at dennys..
eee thank you tway-C. :)
you are so very welcome em-wee:)


January 13 2003, 20:21:24 UTC 15 years ago

tracie hates me:( she has all new friends and forgets about me:(
And you're trying to accomplish what by saying that.. why dont you just talk to her instead of making some "feel bad for me" post for everyone to see. Cut it out with the boo-boo faces also.
chill the eff out kids. im still here. same old tracie as before..plenty of me to go around, so there is no need to fight:)


January 14 2003, 20:10:34 UTC 15 years ago

and i was almost serious.
HYAM. I had some hyam soooooooooooooooup at hoooooooome and spilled it on my pyants...fight nicely children... :D
ian is wonderfuk..er..wonderful..same difference:)