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why worry, i wonder all the time..why worry..

so this week has been really..eventful..yea, thats a good word for it. some really bad..which im not going to whine about, so ill just go on about how awesomely fun my life is.
after spending time with jen and her family during this horribly sad sad time, dealing with my own typical shitty life, and just barely getting through school im ready for the weekend. i do have to say that last night was a high point.. nothin like some good ole karaoke on a thursday night at one of altoona's high class bars. at first jen and i were a little shy and didnt want to make the other people at this fine establishment feel that their singing skills were nothing compared to ours, but after our warm-up with a shania twain cover we were ready for anything. our performance also included hooked on a feeling,december 1963(o what a night), and our best performance that night..love shack with brandons older, and very drunk brother cory. we just rocked the place...what can i saaayy..
today also had some enjoyable moments.. like how my art teacher saw the new copy of spin with chris carebearbababaa on it and said,
"this carrabba guy..what a hunk. guys, take notes, THAT is what college chicks want..!" alright so maybe you had to be there..or know how cool chris(my art teacher) is, i dunno. then i heard this other kid say "god, i cant stand emo kids" just as this group of messenger bag carrying, dark framed glass wearing kids walked past. oh how i love PSAC.
and we cant forget going to see the groundhog with ian, laura and ian's mom..i think ian wants to post some fun pictures..awww come onn.. you know you want to..

*i guess when it comes down to it..being grow nup isn't half as fun as growing up. these are the best days of our lives. the only thing that matters is just following your heart, and eventually you'll finally get it right*

hopefully ill get it right.
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