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it is spring break biatchhhh!!!!

soooo what have i been up to you ask? (or dont ask because you dont really care..or know that ive been doing nothing like always) wellll, so i was saying, since my birthday ive been feeling really stressed and depressed. school has been a bitch, and its mostly my fault for putting stuff off. im not doing as well as i usually do, but that could be due to the fact that i have no desire to get any work or studying done ahead of time. i have a C in my bisci class..thats gonna kill my gpa..eh, it happens. i dont really know how a C is possible when the only grades we've gotten were the two tests that i got B's on. kinda sucks, but i should just get used to not being able to get A's without doing any work. from what ive heard,UP is alot harder than shitty PSAC..hah. i just did my speech about an hour ago. ive been really stressed out about it because i get so nervous. the weird thing was..i was really nervous at the beginning..and then all of the sudden i just got unervous. i went over the time limit..by 3mins..i couldnt stop talking..yea, i know what you are thinking..big surprise tracie wouldn't shut the hell up.. well, you're right. my outline slipped off the table when i was demonstrating wrapping techniques(yea shutup).i had to bend over to pick it up in the middle of my speech..and everyone laughed, including the teacher. im a dork, but at least it was entertaining. my art class is stressful, but im starting to talk to more than just the 3 girls i sit with. people are so amazingly artistic..it makes me so jealous and i only wish that i could be as good as them someday.
my birthday was kinda sad and depressing..not because of my friends and family. im so thankful for you guys all trying to make my birthday really awesome, i just always get sad around my birthday. and once again, brandon pulled another philly surprise..to see THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS..alkjslkjd. we got lost on the way..but good ole andeeee saved the day. the show was really good, and the theatre of living arts was cool inside.homegrown rocked, riddlin kids(or men) were aight. ask brandon about long john silvers if he hasn't already told you already..just another classic retard tracie moment.. we left wednesday at 3pm and got back..thursday at 4:30am..so getting up for class the rest of the week was pretty hard, but welllll worth it:)
wednesday night i went to the crowbar with andy, brandon, and wysong to see CKY..interesting. it was actually pretty entertaining even if the music wasn't really what im into. the whole way down i kept asking "am i going to get my face kicked in?"..and of course i was reassured that i wouldnt. um okay you effn liars..those pits were the scariest ive seen( i watched, clinging to the beer covered wall getting bottles chucked at my head)..like i said..interesting.
last but not least..we finally got our nfg and gc tickets *pees in excitement* 57 days and counting..

so here i am. spring break, after saturday i dont work again until thursday..so if anyone wants to hangout, do a road trip, see a movie..PLEASE CALL ME:) thank you for your time.
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